My name is Maroš, and I am student of FIIT STU. Besides IT, my hobbies are work with wood (small decorative objects or jewelry), movies, books, and little bit of amateur astronomy.
I chose System thinking in IT as subject because I'm interested in digital fabrication and I wanted to learn more about 3D printers, CNC machines and so on.

As my Knowledge Contribution I created simple overview of night sky objects with examples. This contribution is in Slovak language, but all main parts contain some images, so .... at least something ;)
You can check it HERE.

My semester project was focused on creating prototype of motorization for equatorial astro mount EQ3 (stand for telescope, that can rotate telescope around polar axis). Motorization on mount is used to track night sky object during observation based on rotation of earth around its axis (simple rotation of telescope to compensate earth's rotation). That brings benefits of ended chasing objects during observation and also eliminates unpleasant vibrations. With this prototype I found out that it's possible to create working motorization which is cheaper than original component.
If you are interested in this project, you can find more information about it HERE

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p08 3D model

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